Camp Teamwork

The Camp Teamwork Foundation, founded in 1993, strives to offer consistent and continuous programs and activities for "at-risk" youth and their families in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area by providing them with positive role models who serve as lifetime mentors. To reach this objective, The Camp Teamwork Foundation provides a community that promotes the well-being of its participants and provides a safe and healthy social environment.

The Camp Teamwork Foundation is concerned with all aspects of the development of today's youth and their families and recognizes an obligation to prepare its participants with the skills and tools necessary to conquer life's obstacles and set the foundation for their futures. Our mission is to develop the spirit, mind, and body of its participants by integrating intellectual, academic, and physical talents with a broad spectrum of everyday social life skills in an attempt to help them effectively deal with life problems. We seek to show participants that there are alternatives to the negative pitfalls to which too many youth become victims.

The goals of The Camp Teamwork Foundation and its programs are to instill in every participant the importance of five [5] major components/levels of development:

- Teamwork [working for a common goal] 
- Spirit [developing confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and responsibility] 
- Mind [educational enhancement in basic comprehensive skills and the broadening of social, cultural and intellectual awareness beyond the youth and their families' existing environments] 
- Body [creating physiological awareness of the body and what is needed to effectively participate in vigorous athletic events] 
- Self-sufficiency [responsibility, commitment, independence, and personal pride]

Camp Teamwork accomplishes these goals through:

- Sports camps for at risk youth
- Back to School shopping spree for needy families
- Its "NO BULLYING CAMPAIGN" for local schools
- Holiday and Emergency assistance for families in need